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About the Film:

Drama, 112 minutes

Nick Forest, a college freshman, wants nothing more than to join a fraternity. However, in the wake of a brutal hazing death on campus, his estranged older brother, Pete, is rallying against the Greek system. Nick ignores Pete’s protests and rushes Psi Theta Epsilon, notorious for its rumored hazing practices. As Nick begins the pledging process, he relishes the bonding and the partying, especially with Sophie, an irresistible sorority tease. When Nick’s close friend, Mimi, struggles with her own sorority experience, and his fraternity’s rumored hazing turns dangerously real, Nick begins to question everything. But is he in too deep? A modern retelling of the ancient Greek myth of Dionysus — the god of wine, revelry, and ecstasy — HAZE is a raw, shocking glimpse into a world of institutionalized savagery and into the heart of a young man driven by a desperate need for acceptance and brotherhood.


“Matthew McClain is a brilliant filmmaker. His tireless creative contribution and collaboration as actor, editor, and producer on the award winning feature film HAZE was inestimable. The fact that the film was acquired by Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime is a testament to his prodigious creative talent.”

David Burkman, Writer/Director of “HAZE”

“It’s so fresh, it’s raw.”

Los Angeles Times

“The film is accomplished, energetic and sufficiently smarter than its milieu.”


HAZE is the strongest piece of work on this subject for a long time.”

Eye for Film
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