Matthew McClain is an award winning independent filmmaker based in Washington, DC.

With over 15 years in the business, Matthew has become proficient in every aspect of filmmaking from concept to completion.  He’s spearheaded or played a major role in a variety of projects including nationwide commercials, non-profit fundraisers, motivational speaking profiles, as well as feature films.

Recently, he co-produced/edited/acted in “HAZE,” a feature film released by Gravitas Ventures that was greeted with positive reviews, multiple awards, along with an exclusive profile by Entertainment Weekly. It can now be streamed on Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu.

Matthew has been the exclusive filmmaker for the Capitol Hill Business Improvement District and Ready, Willing & Working for over a decade, producing placemakers, documentaries, holiday celebrations and tributes. His work with the BID has been recognized with an International Downtown Association Presidential Proclamation for best practices in the category of Marketing, Communications and Events.

Fueled by an instinctual need to tell stories, Matthew’s main goal with any project is to find the emotional core that will resonate most for the intended viewer.

To discuss your project with Matthew, please send him a message on his contact page.